Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Final Week


Back in Koh Phangan the sun tried its best to shine and inbetween a few clouds and showers we managed to find some time to chill out on Haad Rin beach and enjoy our cheap but quite luxurious accomodation in Coral Bungalows. Apart from some rowdy Irish holiday makers who decided to party all night on their balcony. At 3.30 am and 6am I ventured out in my PJs to ask them to keep it down only to be told they were on their holidays and would I like a pair of ear plugs - cheeky f**ckers!!

Next morning as I walked by their balcony I saw one of them hadn't managed to make it home or inside and was balancing precariously horizontally on the balcony wall. I was very tempted to give him a little nudge and watch him fall into the hedge below but didn't want to give them any fuel to party again the next night that loud and long! Agh - I must be getting old!!

Next day we got chatting to some guys form California as they were admiring my sarong on the beach - my Brazil sarong has been the conversation starter so many times on this trip, think I could have sold it 10 times over by now to people who think it's 'cool' or maybe they think I'm a drug dealer cus it's got marijuana leaves on it (I thought they were just pretty jungle leaves when I bought it!)! Anyway turns out these guys are living in Thailand training to be Thai Kick Boxers. They were quite up themselves in a stereotypical American way but okay in short doses! What was more amusing was their set of friends who consisted of a Dutch guy who made his money by online gambling. Seemingly he makes about 10k a month - nice work if you can get it! When he asked us if we wanted to play cards on the beach we quickly declined having seen him earn about 30 euro in one quick game! Then there was the Chezh boxer guy they trained with and his girlfriend. He was an interesting character, apparently part of the Chezh mafia and now living in Thailand as there are no extradition laws here! He also was in the process of being granted his passport form the Seychelles to allow him alternative Nationality and having 3 of his luxury cars / jeeps shipped over so the Chezh police couldn't take them. Seemingly the luxury car business was a front for something else - we didn't ask for any more details!! In fairness on first impressions once you got past the scary tatoos he seemed quite a nice guy, very generous and had a lovely girlfriend. I love the way travel enables you to meet such random characters that you would never encounter in your everyday life at home!

We hit up the Black Moon party on our last night in HaadRin. It was nothing like the Full Moon, firstly it was all the way in Thongsala - a 5 euro taxi away and then you had to pay 500 baht in , that nearly 13 euro - extortionate! There wasn't a huge crowd there, the music was very trance like and the drinks were pricy , however we managed to scoop a free finger dip of flouro paint and make ourselves feel more party like!! We left well before it was over and gorged on chicken pizza and baguettes on way out before hitting 7-11 just before we got home for another munchies fest!

5 hours later we were up, scrubbing the flouro paint off and packing to leave for the 'most beautiful beach on the island'. One very very bumpy off-road through the tropics yute ride later we arrvied in the north-east of the island at Thong Nai Pan Yai beach which really is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. We had managed to secure a huge discount on a pool side room here about 6 m from the beach with AC , TV, hotwater and to our great delight when we found out the next morning free breakfast!

So for the last 4 days we are chilling (on our cushioned sun beds with hotel towels - this is the first time since last July we've had a towel to sunbathe on so it's a big deal!!) by the pool that from the right angle looks like it continues into the sea. I've been trying to remember how to swim having finally found a beach that isn't full of coral reef and attempting to do a couple of jogs , although hilly doesn't even begin to describe the landscape here so that isn't going quite so well!
Our bodies are desperately telling us they're tired and want to stop travelling and we have been getting earlier and earlier to dinner each night, last night being our record (we had our PJs on and in bed before 8 for our nightly movie!)

Last night there was a huge storm and today it clouded over before 12 so we spent today trying to throw stuff out and do an emotional final pack together! Tomorrow our last full day we hope to lounge in the sunshine, admire the beautiful views and catch one final sunset while sipping one last cocktail together and having our long awaited Thai massage treatments! Thursday 17th is D day, our journey will begin at 10am - taxi to the port, 12.30 boat to Surathani, 4.30 bus to Surathani airport. 7.30 flight to Bangkok. 00.20 flight to London and there sadly Jo and Linford will part ways with Jane and Christie as Jo heads to Spain to catch up with the family and I head to what I hope is sunny Ireland, my amazing husband to be, Mum, Dad,Christopher , Loco and my new family Leah and Adam, not forgetting my pink diamond!

A final thank you to all who have followed us along the way, we hope you have got at least a taste of how great this trip has been! We can't begin to put into words the emotions, excitement and experiences that this trip has given us, but I have put down on virtual paper some personal thoughts for any of you fortunate enough to get a chance to travel. Remember 'Life is not a rehearsal, sometimes you have to take the leap and grow wings on the way down!'

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