Thursday, July 1, 2010

I used to watch Discovery Channel, now I live it!

I USED TO WATCH DISCOVERY CHANNEL , NOW I LIVE IT! (personal ponderings on the trip)

*No matter how good the beach, sight, food or drink it never means quite as much without ones other half.
* Life is short, enjoy it!
*As quoted by the man I most admire - my Dad! If you don't experience bad times you'll never know what the good times are! Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart (preferably a happy one!) and any bad day will improve in time.
* Take time to look around, the simplicity of nature are often the best sights you'll ever see.
*Never take your loved ones for granted, hold onto the good ones, so many people are travelling the world still searching for that someone special.
* Catch as many sunrises and sunsets as possible, each one is unique and worth every moment of your time.
*Keep a journal / blog, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll forget moments you'll want to remember forever!
* Stick together and stay friends, it's a lonely trip on your own and having someone to count on and be there in good times to laugh and share the memories and bad times for support and love means more than you'll ever know.(thank you Grant, I love you xo Stacey!)
* Sometimes throw caution to the wind, spend a lot and enjoy the experience , you may never get the chance to experience this again, do it while you can. You have the rest of your life to pay off debts but who knows if you'll get the chance to do this one thing again.

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