Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some quotes for you Joker!

'I gotta feeling...... tonight's gonna be a good night!!'

'ooopppp there it is!!'

'It's a beautiful day!!'

'Let's go down to Stacey on the red carpet'

'SO hot right now Grant!'

'Come into Bucket bar , free *****!!!'

'Hostal Oscar Tango'

'It's 5 o'clock somewhere!'

'When in.....' (wherever we are!!)

'Here we go again on our own.....!!!'

'Buachaill check .. )in memory of Niamh and Elaine!)

'Do you need a bandaid? Cus you're cut!'

'What do you do for a job Stacey? 'Oh, I'm a tree surgeon' 'What do you do Grant?' 'Oh I work for Loaded magazine, I'm just working on an article for the Asia issue right now!!'

'I can wait , but I'm looking forward to it' (as coined by Jude and Jane 98!!)

'For SUUURRRRREEEEE', 'Gonna get ****** up!!!'

'Well Jules , the thing about my back is.....!!!!'

'Do you love it?' (Santa Barbara, black dress woman!)

'The 80's called , they want their.... back!'

'What's your signature move?!'

'Same, same , but different' / 'same , same , but better'

'Has anyone seen my shoes?'

'Drop it like it's hot!'

'Drive it like you stole it'

'That's EXTREME!'

'It's a beautiful day!'

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